I can't really remember a time in my life before photography. As a child, armed with my trusty Kodak 126 camera, I would take pictures of anything that caught my eye. I was fascinated with how my camera gave me the ability to record a moment in time.
As I grew up my camera maintained a prominent place in my life. A Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Saskatchewan followed three years of graphic arts in high school. After university I switched gears for a while and my life became a collage of mountain biking, rock climbing, paddling and snowboarding. The two pursuits merged and soon I was photographing all the outdoor activities I was taking part in. The passion for the camera and the outdoors remain to this day. Whether it's a prairie sunset, a mountain storm, or a single flower, the light the outdoors, and the camera are a potent combination in my life. Even after 20 years of being a professional photographer I still get excited when the light, a subject, and the composition come together and I am in the right place at the right time to capture that moment. Regardless of what I'm photographing it is still a moment I savour when I see a great shot through my viewfinder.
Another aspect of photography that has become very important to me is teaching. As a continuing Education instructor for Mount Royal University I have had the privilege of helping many students learn the mechanics of taking a photograph as well as learning to see the world in their own unique way, and capture it. I have come a long way in my photographic journey and I am looking forward to what still lies ahead.

It would be great to hear from you regarding any photography inquiries you might have.
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