Shooting Sports

Alright, it has been a while since my last blog. It was busy over Christmas, the usual. Anyway, here is the new one.

I started teaching a sports class at MRU so I thought I would dig up a few old "sports" photos from the early days. These are a few of my photos that I was quite proud of in the day. The Rugby one was the first photo I entered in a photo contest. I don't think I won anything.


This one was an early snowboard session with my friend Lee on the riverbank of the South Saskatchewan River in Saskatoon. We would go down there whenever we could to practice our jumps. All 5 seconds of the run. I'm pretty sure I took this with my Canon T70 (borrowing my Dad's lenses). My first real camera. I loved that camera. Nice pole in the background eh?

Scan 1.jpg

This next one was another photo contest entry. Again no prize. But another one I was quite proud of. I really liked the moment that I caught and overall I like the composition.


This last one is from just this past weekend at Canada Olympic Park. It was the Moguls / Freestyle Competition and my sports class and I were there shooting. 

It is really amazing the change in the gear now. From those days of film and manual focus lenses. Being pretty happy if you got a couple of sharp shots from a roll of film. To now with Servo focus and 8 FPS continuous shooting. I went in to the new Image Square shop in downtown Calgary (a candy store if you shoot Canon) and was playing with the 1DX. A pretty incredible piece of gear...........maybe someday.