Waterton photo tour / workshop Sept. 5-7

The next photo tour from Tracy Elliott Photography will be in the beautiful Waterton lake area. We will be shooting and touring the area with ACMG hiking guide Nathan Dahl. Join us for a fun weekend. 



The 2014 Icefields & Jasper Workshop

Announcing the 2014 Icefields and Jasper Spring Photo workshop. Join Tracy Elliott and Nathan Dahl (ACMG hiking guide) on a tour of some stunning locations along the Icefields Parkway and around Jasper. Contact Tracy for more details and see the poster below.


The tephoto Banff Workshop

A few weeks ago I ran my first solo Banff workshop with two fabulous participants; Steph and John. It went really well. We had a great time shooting and checking out some great photo spots around Banff. Friday morning it was an early start to catch the sunrise at Vermillion Lakes. And it turned out to be a fantastic sunrise. Absolutely beautiful.

Sunrise, Vermillion Lakes





It was then off to Johnston Canyon where we spent a few hours exploring and shooting the waterfalls.

Lower Falls, Johnston Canyon


That night we spent a few hours in the bar editing and working on the photos from the day.  Then off to bed for another early morning. Sunrise again on Saturday morning, though not as spectacular as the morning before. After some breakfast it was off to Grotto Canyon and some ice walking to the falls. We managed to get some shots of the canyon and as an added treat, some ice climbers. 

Tree, Grotto Canyon

All in all it was a great couple of days with two great participants. Stay tuned for more workshops coming up.

Shooting Sports

Alright, it has been a while since my last blog. It was busy over Christmas, the usual. Anyway, here is the new one.

I started teaching a sports class at MRU so I thought I would dig up a few old "sports" photos from the early days. These are a few of my photos that I was quite proud of in the day. The Rugby one was the first photo I entered in a photo contest. I don't think I won anything.


This one was an early snowboard session with my friend Lee on the riverbank of the South Saskatchewan River in Saskatoon. We would go down there whenever we could to practice our jumps. All 5 seconds of the run. I'm pretty sure I took this with my Canon T70 (borrowing my Dad's lenses). My first real camera. I loved that camera. Nice pole in the background eh?

Scan 1.jpg

This next one was another photo contest entry. Again no prize. But another one I was quite proud of. I really liked the moment that I caught and overall I like the composition.


This last one is from just this past weekend at Canada Olympic Park. It was the Moguls / Freestyle Competition and my sports class and I were there shooting. 

It is really amazing the change in the gear now. From those days of film and manual focus lenses. Being pretty happy if you got a couple of sharp shots from a roll of film. To now with Servo focus and 8 FPS continuous shooting. I went in to the new Image Square shop in downtown Calgary (a candy store if you shoot Canon) and was playing with the 1DX. A pretty incredible piece of gear...........maybe someday.

Post Hawaii

Well I have been back in Calgary for a little while now. I was hoping to get this post up sooner but I have been really busy, basically since I got off the plane.

The summary is this....Hawaii was great. I really do like it there. The weather definitely has a lot to do with it. Being able to stroll around at 11 pm at night in shorts and sandals is something that just find really great. I did spend a lot of time with the family and did get some relaxing in. Not as much time shooting as I wanted but that wasn't the focus of the trip this time around. I am posting a few photos that I liked from this time around. And in keeping with the theme of this blog am also putting up a couple of photos from the last time we were in Hawaii, back in 2003 for our honeymoon. That was a really great trip too. Though a fair bit busier than this time around. A four year old tends to slow you down a bit.

Botanical Gardens-2003

Botanical Gardens-2003

Botanical Gardens-2003

Botanical Gardens-2003

Kilaeua-2012. Did some light painting on the bush in the foreground.

Kilaeua-2012. Did some light painting on the bush in the foreground.

A Green Sea Turtle on a black sand beach. VERY hot sand!

A Green Sea Turtle on a black sand beach. VERY hot sand!

Hawaii - The first couple of days

Well here is my next blog. I am writing this from out on the lanai (balcony) on a beautiful evening. Just watching the parking lot below. No, not an ocean view, but still pretty good. It has been fun so far, Relatively relaxing and definitely different from the last time I was here (on our honeymoon 9 years ago). We now have a 4 year old daughter. Some things are still familiar, and some are new. I am experiencing things through her eyes and it is fun. My parents are also here and are going to re-new their wedding vows tomorrow. That should be pretty cool. I have never been part of something like that before. I am also the official photographer. Should be interesting. It is my wife's 40th birthday tomorrow as well. There is a lot happening on this trip. I just want to be here to take it all in and relax for a bit. Try to take my mind off work for a while. 

I love Hawaii. My wife has been here a few times before. This is my second time. We are staying in Kona on the Big Island. I would like to experience the other islands some day but from what I've read and heard from others, this is the place to be. It really is an amazing (and tiny) place in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. So much is going on and there is so much to see. And I am sitting here next to the slopes of the 3rd largest shield volcano in our solar system. Crazy.

So far we have been to the place of refuge, done some shopping and spent some time on the beach building sand castles and swimming. There is a lot more to see and do. Including some surfing. Can't wait!


My First Blog

So, here it is. My first blog. I have thought about doing a blog for a while now, but of course finding the time is the issue. So here goes.......

I want this blog to be about my journey to becoming a photographer. I have been taking pictures my entire life, as far back as I can remember. I think in images, pictures, and colours, not words. So writing has always been a challenge for me. Hence the further reluctance to start a blog. Combining words and images will be interesting, but here goes....

I want to do a few things here;

1. Show a "photo" from my past. As I said I have been photographing all my life. I have many, many, many photos tucked away that I haven't looked at forever. I want to start digging some of them out and looking at where I was and where I am now. Comparing the past to the present. The past photos may not be great, but they will be interesting. I hope you will enjoy this as much as I do.

2. Talk about what is going on right now with my photography pursuits. Things that interest me. Shoots that I am doing and just generally what I am doing with my camera.

3. I hope that eventually this can become a place to learn and ask questions. I love teaching photography as well as shooting. So any questions, comments or otherwise are welcome.

There it is. Let's start with a couple images from the past. I believe that these were both taken with one of my first cameras. A Kodak 126 (I think).

Old Photo-1.jpg

This is a shot of my Mom. I was probably about 7 or 8 years old when I took this. I would like to say that I recognized the great dramatic light, but I don't think I can. I think it just looked nice. It is hard to see but I think she is petting our dog Heidi.

Old Photo-2.jpg

I quite like this shot. It is my younger brother looking though a six million dollar man toy. You could look through a hole in the back of his head and it magnified the scene you were looking at. It was super cool. Again I would have been about 8 or so. Not the greatest composition, but interesting.